Corinne N. Cook: Jr. Accountant

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Professional Name and Title:

Corinne N. Cook, Bookkeeper

Professional Achievements:

I received in BA in Business Admin w/ a minor in Economics from the University of South Florida. I have worked in Public Accounting & Tax preparation for over 40 years. I am very proficient with QuickBooks and similar accounting packages. I have had the pleasure of owning & running several small businesses during my career in the hospitality, real estate, and accounting industries.

Personal Statement:

As a person who is a work-acholic (it’s a family trait) and loves her job, I do have to say my most satisfying accomplishment has been raising our 4 children with my husband of 30+ years. Family memories, trips, school, and holidays have been priceless and my life would be lacking in richness without them. I am truly blessed. We all play golf too.