John B. Lane: CPA


Professional Name and Title:

John B. Lane, CPA


Certified Public Accountant and Commodity Trading Advisor

Professional Achievements:

John has built two accounting firms during his career focusing on tax and advisory services. He started his career in 1980 and started his first firm in 1983 when he received his certification. His areas of concentration are complex tax issues, corporate reorganizations, like kind exchanges with accommodation agreements, investment tax, short-against-the-box, and many issues dealing with personal tax returns.
What drives him daily is the opportunity to train professional staff to be more than a tax preparer and become more of an advisor to help drive clients to success.

Personal Statement:

John has been married since 1984 to the same wonderful wife and has 4 children and three grandchildren. He loves to travel and has been in the depths of Siberia and south as far as Paraguay.